The Day after B2 Norwich


Thanks once again for showing my band HEDRA the support over the weekend it honestly gives me that warm feeling inside to know that you are looking after us on our Journey!

We got some really good footage from Christopher Scott O'Malley-Webb on his film equipment, we also got some of you from the stage. It's not an easy process to put all the clips together so Chris has my upmost respect for agreeing to do this movie Project for both HEDRA and for his future Career, if anyone in the Industry likes the result I would be very grateful if you would look him up for more work for him.

The thing with Art as a whole is that everything you create is everything you need to be responsible for so it's important to get it done to the best of your ability in the hope that others will think the same and reward you by supporting you and those little things like buying Merch from the band or Artist is not only just a product, it's funding everything we will be doing in the future and the simple fact is that if no one buys your music or Merch then you have to question yourself as to whether you're doing it right, I have all these thoughts constantly and stil lcan't find the right answer for building your band, there are so many different ways!

I'm very pleased that we're finding more and more friends and helpers through these times or hardship for music in general and i've also witnessed the changes to peoples attitudes towards their musical choices, it was this that made me see that those always complaining never seem to do anything to help others that are essentially trying to get to the same places as we are so with that in mind I decided to set up a Record Label.

It's been almost a Year since doing this and i'm always keen to put other bands music out, I posted throughout the year looking for bands to put together a Compilation but there just wasn't enough interest to put together 10 Bands to release it. That's a shame, there's so much talent out there but maybe we'll see what happens in the future. For now though; i'll keep that Label open as long as I can keep getting the submissions, the choices for bands are 'you have to be one that thinks outside of the box', that in itself has been difficult to find unfortunately, I know they're out there they just haven't approached me about it or there's some other reason I couldn't go with them as a band.

Logistically I was burnt by a band after signing them, it cost me a lot of money and time to sort out, I realised then that I cannot put out bands outside of the UK for the time being. Besides that it's been a great experience so far and have got some great advice for the future from bigger Labels too .

I try to connect as much as I can with the bands in my area, some of them i've found members for or given them a support slot when it comes up, it's always been that way for me and i'm proud to do that and have many main staying friends as a result of that, however; I have sat in the shadows for a a few years now, as a promoter I haven't had the confidence to put on events after several failed attempts in previous years with non attendees upon my return to Norwich in 2008, 17 years ago was a very different story!

Again i've thrown myself in at the deep end and decided to create a one day Festival in 2018, i've had a few offers of help and again some great advice from those already experienced in hosting an event so to you I give thanks for your support. Am I nervous, yes, do I need help; of course I do, i'm crossing my fingers in the hope that everyone wants and likes what i'm attempting to do, I know it's going to take quite a bit of work and any help you can give me is very much appreciated because if I get a full attendance i'll be doing it again in the future. I have always wanted to make East Anglia a great place for Heavy music and need those like minded people in the area to bring their skills along to help! I have also been reminded through Facebook that England is a very small place and that all promoters and bands have the capability to travel as much as I have and will try to get to more things next year too. I'm very pleased to have made all these new friends this Year and I hope you welcome my attempts without too much negative critism, I have quite strong opinions at times, i'm old fashioned but I am trying to change my ways a bit more to suit these changing times too. so I have to say one more thing.

If you are in a band and i've helped you out please do remember to spread the good word and not the bad ones if you disagree with me, i'll always do the same as long as you're respectful & I am too it shouldn't be an issue!

Heading to the Post Office tomorrow, please have a look if you want anything HEDRA or PM me!






The Day After Leeds and Norwich


Posted Sunday 24th September 16.47



Hi Jim here, just thought i'd do a quick Blog on this weekends gig.


Yesterday I got up quite early and loaded all of our Cabs in to the Van and then headed for Toms for 11.00 we were due to play Lowrider Festival in Norwich, our first all dayer & gig offer from POwer Promotions, we were very grateful to be asked, it was a long time coming as we'd always wanted to play a slot on Simons events but we feel it's never a good idea to pester Promoters for gigs, dip the toe in yes, pester no, so anyway that being said we got to Kamils house to pick him up around 1pm, totally forgetting that he was still at work, due to Football traffic we were advised by Chris to just head down to B2 and meet him there. We arrived and the first band was due to be on in 30 mins, we needed to set up Toms kit so we did that in the Venue, Simon seemed quite chirpy to see us wish is always a blessing, it

was nice to have a little chat before getting everything ready quickly so that we werent disturbing the first band, they were called Kill the Freak. We watched them from behind our merch stall , they seemed to be having a good time as people were slowly starting to arrive at the Venue.


I always look at B2 as the place for out of Town bands to go to, Kill the Freak seemed natural and in the right place for their dark style of music, I enjoyed it, I wasn't too fond of the solos but other than that they delivered a good show.


Afterwards we set up and blasted our way through the set, part way through I accidently removed the cage gate and couldnt get it back on but the set went well and it was nice to see Mandy & Pete came to see us play before their set later on. A few bands were starting to arive after we'd finished and there was a very pleasant crowd reaction to what we were playing.


We don't have a long set really so I do talk a bit of crap between songs, literally, you have to take everything I say tongue in cheek but Chris had a few laughs with me on stage!





After we'd played we had to travel to Leeds for another gig, 4 hours stuck in a Van with this lot means that facebook live is going to come out, I decided to do a bit of advertising for our new endorsement Dirtbag, because it was live I don't think Tomas was aware of my intentions and just quoted 'shut up about that stupid hat I hate it already, not really selling the brand there Tomas, I had to retaliate with a joke about his scalp!


After many delays in traffic we arrived at The Fenton, I was sure we played there last time but no a different place with a different stair well, with a hole in it, anywhere else and it'd be condemned but no i put my foot in the hole, embarrassed that i almost buggered down the step I decided to hang by the Van where I was then introduced with a nice hello by Sue from the band World Chaos, there were several bands we'd missed including them which I was quite sad about because i've been talking to Sue for a while now on FB, we did see a few bands and played a good fun set but had to leave to get home at 12, big shout out to all those bands for playing.


Temples Fall, Damage 66, Blame, World Chaos, Hedra East Anglia & IAMOMEGA.


Tomas had a pint glass full of Beer thrown on his drumbag and it bounced and smashed all over the floor, bless him he was really cross, still we got every thing loaded ok when we had finished, thanked everyone and returned home for 5 am ish.



Thank you Tomas for being the designated Driver but also knowing that he had to get up at 8am next day to drive again to stanstead, poor bugger.



Thank you also to Stagelight Promotions Team for looking after us and giving us friendly vibes all night :)



Woke up this morning to see this awesome lineup for Metal Gods Festival which is near us and thought i'd better check to see that they had our application for it, they had got it, they naturally said they can't put everyone local on the Bill and that if we don't get chosen it's of no reflection on the band, we knew that anyway, that lineup looks great though so i'd be just as happy to turn up to watch it



Check out the lineup for Metal Gods Festival


Reign of Fury

Virus - 30th Anniversary 'Force Recon'

Witch Tripper


Death Valley Knights


Mörti Viventi

Beyond Grace

Back down or die



Line of Fire

Collapse The Sky










Films & Stuff


Posted by Hedra Sun, September 10, 2017 15:52:51

Hi Jim here,


It's Sunday and it's quiet today, we were meant to play a gig last night but sadly Tom has injured his toe and can't play the Drums so we had to pull out, hope that By Virtue Fall and Osmium Guillotine & Walk in Coma had a good time though, from what I saw there were plenty of people in attendance which is a good thing, I always have total respect for the Asylum in Chelmsford, they were struggling like most Venues but pulled through and kept it running. Dedication is the key for Music and it's surroundings. 


The new Stephen King movie 'IT' is out now so i've decided to go and see it at the Light Cinema in Thetford, it'll be my first time in a Cinema for years, why is that, I just don't seem to find the time to get there, always busy doing stuff for the band whether it's arranging gigs, designing flyers or writing music it just doesn't seem to be a priority to watch Films. I rarely get a chance for TV either, breaking bad was the last series I could find time for!


I'm interested in films though don't get me wrong on that one, i'm also interested in Rockumentary types so I recently decided that it'd be an interesting thing for us to make a fly on the wall documentary for next years gigs and stuff, we found the guy to do it. Chris O'Mally Scott is a recent discovery and graduate, he's a charming person and very keen to get involved.


I hope we can pull it off it'll be an amazing experience for us, hopefully it won't turn into the Osbournes but that was an amazing show aired on MTV wasn't it, I love Ozzy Osbourne??!


Here's to Tom & hoping he gets better soon because our next gig is an all dayer at B2 with several great bands, check out the Lowriders Fest. 


The Five Hundred, Synaptik, The Mechanist, Arkdown, No Story Goes, we'll take Manhattan, Murder the Martyr, Thirteenth sign, us and also Weirdy Beardy band are playing!


Should be a good one check the link below!


Then a week later we've got the same Venue (b2) that's not normally the done thing, not for us anyway there's a stigma attached to playing too close, but a gig is a gig and not everyone comes to gigs so one that might not come to the first one might come to the second and vice versa.


This one is Destructive Promotions last gig, they've been really kind to us offering us several gigs in the past so it's a shame they are calling it over!


We're also Happy to be playing with Vice on this gig, A new breed of metal from the area of Manchester UK, hoping to breathe fresh life back into the world. 


There's also circuit legends Kaine and A Bribe for the Ferrymen, I met rob BFTFM at Bloodstock Festival this year for a quick chat, lovely chap, seen his band a few times but never got to chat really!


Another band playing is Tyrant, i've no heard much about them but they do sound brutal so that's always gonna be a winner in my book!



See you down the front my Hedra friends (and ooo fingers crossed!)









Australia Mate!


Posted by Hedra Fri, August 25, 2017 02:45:38



Hiya, Jim again,


I hope you're all having a great week and plenty of rest in the evenings, i've been suffering from insomnia, desperate to work out how we're going to make a career out of this thing called HEDRA, all of a sudden we received a notification of radio play in Australia.


Some of you might think this is a bit weird, it's a normal thing these days to reach anyone anywhere in the world but for me I still find it astonishing when Radio Stations play our Music overseas, first one for us was with Rock on The Rise Radio in America about 8 months ago, it was great, we got to do an Interview over skype and Shamus was such a great chap to us, you can hear that show here too down below.


Radio abroad will always be in our hearts because someone cared enough to give us time on their show from afar, we just got airplay for a schedule in Australia on Sweet Sunday Sounds, that means we've reached both sides of the flat earth (not really come on!) and that's a great feeling, why would it be a great feeling, well it only takes one country to jump on board with you and you're on flight to see them, I like that thought, travelling the world playing music is all I ever wanted to do, Fuck 'normal' Holiday.


Sight seeing is nice but there's no real reward from that, wasting your money just to stay hot for a while makes no sense at all to me, however, playing a gig and then chilling for a day after seeing sights, yes that is so worth it because you're relaxing from an intense energy just given, we're all different I guess and however you stay sane is completely up to you but if you're an artist wouldn't you prefer to go and paint the scenery while you had the change?


Some people have crap Jobs and need to get a way, I have crap jobs and need to do a gig, that's how my mind is, we've all been bred to believe that holidays are our thing to relax, i've never relaxed ever on a holiday, I need to climb the mountains and get stuck in with the locals way of life, not to mention the airports, baggage and then getting the shits for the first week, all complicated and stressful when you forgot to change your phone tariff or the credit card. 



Anyway, here's the Schedule for the Show in Oz



Thanks to all radio stations for playing us though, not just the abroad ones, the UK seems to be getting off it's arse a bit now for music, I think it's starting to realise bands like us need them more than ever before and if they don't try new things we'll all be stuck with the 80's, oh god i've just realised a lot of people think that way too!

Have a great weekend!






Bloodstock Festivals and gigs in General


Posted by Hedra Fri, August 18, 2017 20:36:05

Jim here again,


It's all gone quiet for the band it's now Festival season and 2 of our members are on their annual holidays. 


Had a fantastic time at Bloodstock Festival, it was my first one and didn't know what to expect, having attended the Download Festival for the first time in Years last year my experience of the mud and wet and some of the bands was not great, yes I loved Janes Addiction, Iron Maiden, Electric Wizard and many more but the event clashed quite hard so I missed bands like Napalm Death which i've seen before but i'd never seen Janes Addiction, the choice was a hard one but I figured there's more chance i'll see Napalm Death again sooner!


Highlights for me were Ramage Inc on the Thursday, they have a Tool like vibe about them, they don't sound like them but there's an air about them that spells mystery, I also watched Battle Beast and flitted between other areas in between several bands that were playing, for that reason I couldn't tell who i was watching as I hadn't bought one of the lanyards on sale with the stage times on, didn't know they existed until the next day!


I'm not sure what happened after battle beast but I do remember going back to Pete from Synaptiks tent for a few of his home made schnapps, we had a right laugh, Sue from Kemakil was also there, she made me laugh so hard, it was a nice break already!


The Friday morning was nice and clear in the sky as I emerged from a baking hot black roofed bunk of the band van, trundled over to the main field and saw Devilment play their best gig yet, found an interest in Whitechapel, and Amon Armarth were very entertaining with their crazy Viking Boats and fire, also liked Soilwork on the day but have seen them play better in a smaller indoor venue, perhaps they are meant to be indoors.

Saturday watched Ward 16, Fallujah, Shrapnel, Twisted Illusion, Havok, Annihilator, Kreator and again several bands I only caught parts of through not knowing who they were or bumping into people or getting stuck in the Beer tent. 


The whole event was a fantastic one, so much so that I bought a Ticket for 2018, a few people were very supportive towards HEDRA and seemed to think we should be playing it, he he one guy even congratulated me for getting a slot there this year, he had me confused with one of the guys from Ward XVI, I went along with it for a bit trying to distract from the subject, eventually he realised I was in Hedra and apologised!


I would love to play that Festival, the sound was epic on all stages and the crowds were always there in droves, it must be a good feeling to be accepted into that community.


However, i'm also really happy to be attending as a punter, can't argue with that, i'll apply but i'm not going to hope on it, there's no point, i'm happy to congratulate the bands I see and some of them we've already gigged with too so it was great to see them again and say hi afterwards. 


Saturday was a bit of a blur though, had drunk lots, but yeah Ghost were good, just not my thing!


Sunday was my best day, my back was getting used to all the standing and managed to catch most of the bands I wanted to see that day, by now i'd gotten hold of an app to check what was on so I saw BOSSK, ONI, Criminal, Wretched Soul, Netherhall, some of Torqued, Possessed, Obituary, Hell (bad sound though) Brujeria hanging with my mate Steve and his little lad Dylan distracting me!, Skindred fantastic as always, and then Megadeth amongst other bands that were a blur but I cheered anyway!


I realise I may have some of the days mixed up as it's now a bit of a blur one week on but the memory remains for some parts!


Megadeth were awesome, oh and I nearly forgot Testament too, both of these were the tits for me, seen them before but never in a festival of total unity and kindness amongst people, this really was a great time i'll never forget thanks Bloodstock Festival for it's tidyness, amazing layout, Festival extras and also free beer and food at the end of the event, what more could you want seriously?


Moving on from this the band really do need gigs for 2018 so would you be able to put us on, we'd appreciate it, maybe if you're in a band you could have us?


Send us links to your events if there is a slot available?


Thanks Metalheads I miss you already!


Hopefully i'll be off to Colchester Arts Centre tomorrow to catch Cryptopsy and A Bribe for the Ferryman, maybe see you there yeah?












2 Gigs, 5 Loons, Multiple games of Tetris, The Hedra Bus, Masses of Metal Heads...And one missing tent!


Posted by Hedra Thu, July 27, 2017 18:22:00



Hi All,


It's Chris here for my very first post on our blog...oooooooo Yessss! Dancing till the Morning, indeed !!!


SO what an awesome weekend we just had away from the usual haunts of East Anglia and to finally find our way up to the northern yonder where the accents change and the metal masses gather....

My friday was an interesting one after just coming back from a family get away to the West Country (OOOOOOOARRRRRR MEEE LOOOVVVEERRR!!!) to find myself unpacking my rucksack to only pack it once again for the weekend of rock...

Whilst tripping over my collection of dirty wash items from my holiday excursion and the collection of fine west country antiquities (bottles of scrumpy cider), it dawned on me that the tent which I planned on staying in hadn't been erected in over a year (Yes I said erected !). 

Knowing full well my exhaustion from travelling nearly 1000 miles the past 4 days and knowing that I awoken late 12pm (to be precise), I thought I should get my arse in gear and set up the tent and allow it to air. Precisely 5.30 pm and 4 bent tent pegs later my tent was fully erect in all its green splendour 



Saturday the big day the band had all agreed to meet at Tomas's house in Bury at 8.30am (or so we thought haha). 

Awaking at 7.30am after only sleeping 2 hours from a rare occurrence of insomnia and realising that I, living in Lowestoft, had literally screwed myself over straight away thinking I could get to Bury in 45 mins, facing the apocalyptic traffic from all the family vacation goers, would just blissfully teleport myself straight to Tom's... did not go as I had planned...especially after realising that after half way to Tom's; my tent that I thoughtfully cared to air...was by the back door at home 



Arriving at Tom's (9.15am) and a quick game of Tetris to load the Hedra Bus with our instruments we set voyage to the Northern lands. 


After an amusing journey to Cannock (and a cheap border charge of £9.80 or something) and one Bo; who was reading a Polish detective book (to which I tried to read but gave up), we arrived to be greeted by the team running Sempiternal Fest. Unloading the van and transporting it to the misaligned elevator was amusing for all, especially those who got to see Kamil stripping into his Hedra uniform. 


Sempiternal Fest a tribute to Christina Edkins hosted a wide variety of talent, the first band to which I saw was Anonymous and by zeus they were good and full of energy!

After some quick grub with Tomas, we rushed back to begin building and preparing our gear for our 3pm slot. 

The beginning of our set was probably not one of our finest moments due to some technical hiccups and one unplugged lead which added to some frustrations. The overall set didn't go to bad, we managed to redeem ourselves and perform quite well considering we couldn't hear drums and Jim was blazing his vocal range in my lugs through the front monitors. We did alright but I knew as well as the others we could do better. Overall THANK YOU! Sempiternal Fest for allowing us to play and giving us an opportunity to acquire new fans to the Hedra family we hope to play again ! 


Another game of Tetris and multiple urination-station visits we once again proceeded on our quest for the metal!


Just over an hour later we arrived in Lostock and thanks to Kamil's in built Sat Nav skills we arrived at Morrisions... after a quick group decision and concluding that playing in the veg aisle probably wouldn't go down to well, we hastily gathered the intel needed to find the correct venue.


...............another 15 mins later we arrived at Lostock Social Club and one awesome/insane greeting from the biggest collection of metal goers I have seen since Download music festival, all of which shouting 'Hedra!!!!' made me feel awesome!

We were greeted by Jo and let me tell you apart from starting the conversation with 'I just ripped my fish nets' she made us feel so welcome to Lostock festival we cant thank her enough for the opportunity.


After our lovely introduction we prepared our over night arrangements, with Kamil and Bo disappearing off to pitch their all Kamil's comical glory, I cannot say I have ever heard someone walking into a bar to retrieve forks to use as tent pegs! (Comedy Gold)....then to only find out we had a shit load of tent pegs on the Hedra Bus lololol (I believe there is a video somewhere)


On first viewing the social club I was amazed at the size of the room, the stage and most of all the sound! Hats off to the engineers that room sounded mega (or sick if we want to use that overly irritating word).


Settling in with the masses and getting on the brews (not tea, like the awesome dude from DeathFlux) we watched some really awesome bands:- The ones I remember from that night were Cadence Noir, DeathFlux (and the two vocalists supporting one another, as one lifted the other on his shoulders haha), Fleisch (reminiscent of Rammestein with their industrial sound), Obzidian and Fury (which had the Hedra lads singing along too).


Returning to the Hedra Bus we continued blabbing, drinking and playing xbox to the early hours of Sunday morning before finally sleeping ... what an hilarious night it was!


Our set which took place at 2.15pm was by far one of the best shows I think we have done so far and the sound was delightful from what I could hear from the stage.


On a whole (as I stop raving) I would like to say thank you to all that attended Sempiternal Fest and Lostock Festival and who helped to support both causes. I would also like to thank all those involved for allowing us to play and putting on 2 fantastic festivals. Martin Short was awesome to meet you finally and the interesting discussion on Politics haha (literally I have no idea on politics still interesting, all the same). Big thanks to Dave Williamson for his hard work for Sempiternal Fest and Shaun Hayes, Prometheus Promotions, Joanne Embury, Mick Matzen, Colesia Pryse and Nick Gregory for his crazy announcements, to all the bands that supported each other and to anyone else that I have missed who helped make it an awesome weekend.










Do you read?


Posted by Hedra Sun, June 25, 2017 01:01:43

Hi all who dare to visit this blog page, Jim here again, sometimes it feels as though i'm just writing to myself, maybe I am but have been advised that it's a good thing to put your ideas and feelings down towards music in blog sites etc, get's people motivated to help us I think.


Anyway, the other day I was watching that Heavy Metal Headbangers Journey thing that Sam Dunn made a few years ago and it reminded me of a time when I lived in London because Malcolm Dome was in it, he's in a lot of Rockumentary things, a really great critic for Metal Hammer and various other things over the years. Anyway I was in a band called Pure Negative at the time and we decided to go for drinks in the Crowbar just opposite where Tin Pan Alley on Denmark street was. We'd already had a few drinks and that place is quite small, they had a big round table just as you walked in, I bumbled in knocking over Malcolm Domes Gin and Orange or whatever his usual drink was, he was surround by what could only be described now as BabyMetal fans.


I apologised as everyone turned to me and said 'you don't knock Domeys drink without buying another', I offered and he said no its ok. So my point of this message is really that I was embarrassed in the first place because of his status, I was then made more embarrassed by the comment acknowledging the status. It just got me thinking that at the end of the day it doesn't matter who you are, you can still be kind like 'Domey' was and let things go!


The more I go through life listening and liking this kind of music the more I feel it's smaller, this person knows that one, that one drinks in that pub, being told by Pure Negative band mate ' oh yeah Bruce Dickinson is often in our local looking at his flight plans' for me to then remember a time walking into my old guitarists home in South Kensington with him playing the message on the answer phone 'hello there, uncle Bruce here, i've just been pottering around in the garden as you do, give me a call about rehearsal'. (my jaw dropped)


My old Guitarist lived in a house with Alex Dickson who had worked with Bruce (skunkworks) and Robbie Williams.. anyway i'm trying to say the connection is much smaller than you think so it's really a good idea to know as many people into the same stuff as you can right, that's the thing about us people that are truly into the music, they help you along the way. The support we've been getting lately has been awesome to say the least, I won't mention any names here but to just come forward and buy our music or to play it on your radio station is just amazing and only when you're on this end for your efforts you will then realise it's like a sigh of relief to know that people out there are liking it. 


I am truly humbled by this it's an amazing feeling, something like getting a round of applause after each song, things are just getting better and better so thank you so much!



A Rocking Weekend


Posted by Hedra Mon, May 01, 2017 20:04:03

What's to say about a weekend (bank holiday at that) where you have 2 gigs in a row?


We were invited by KK Promotions to play support to EarthShip a band from Germany signed to Napalm Records, a Label I follow frequently because Life of Agony are on there and they still sit in my thoughts of a band of integrity.

Although we are from Norfolk we are scattered around the county and that still meant covering 118 miles just to do a local gig, I often wonder if people actually realise that, well now they know. We arrived quite early and drove the van into the secure area where the drummer from Earthship was already pottering about in their van, we exchanged hi's and friendliness omitted from his tallness.


We had to take all the gear up in a lift, it's not the first time we've had to do this but this lift was huge, big enough to hold all our gear, some kegs and other bits just left randomly to clear at somepoint when the Venue wanted to.


Epic Studios was previously ITV's main Studio, it became a Production education centre around 10 years ago and it's huge open layout gave us the feeling of being in a Spinal Tap backstage scenario as we tried to remember which doors to go through. 


We were greeeted by Karl (KK Promotions) who was keen to know how many Tickets we'd sold almost instantly, i'm guessing this wasn't a cheap night to put on, we did ok on the Sales I think but you know it's hard to get people out these days. 


The Ceiling was high and so was I as I have been on medication for the past week, I didn't mind mentioning this on Stage as a piece of banter.



Lights were fantastic as we went on, the wall of noise hit me like the barrage we always deliver, there were points of confusion during our set as the drums were put to one side of the stage it made it an odd arrangement to understand what was going on for us at the time, however we mustered on through, finished the set, watched the other bands, left the gig down a few tenners but hey it was great to play an amazing venue, I only hope they put more of these events on in future!


Next Day was a 200 mile trek to Leeds, for once I opted out of driving, stupidly I found a bottle of wine in the back whilst Kamil and Cris were badly practicing our set, I did a few live videos on the way, by the time we got there I was already thinking my decision to have a drink was the wrong one, bands were playing shortly after we got there and I was at the front moshing already whilst everyone else was setting up, perhaps I shouldn't have done but you have to show interest in the bands and to be honest I was, they were great all of them. By the time we went on it was late, a few more beers done and we did a 20 minute set, it was cut short due to time which meant the headliners couldn't even play. We gave them our sympathies, said our goodbyes to the Venue and travelled home, from my recollection we got home around, we were even more 10's down but hey its a gig, all gigs are worth it, we were invited back so we're pleased with that thanks Stagelight Promotions.






How not to be Suicidal in Music


Posted by Hedra Wed, March 08, 2017 00:00:49

Good Evening, this is just a little update on the band and feelings as I think it's important for all to see the real side of bands, we are all told to keep quiet and positive to help our music to move forward but why should we have to.

Music is subjective so why shouldn't those who run it be free to speak how they want to also, we're not derogatory towards people or their music and there really is no point in that either. 

Sometimes it's really hard to keep quiet about the things that aren't happening to help bands (not just ours) to move forward and everyone knows that facebook and other social media sites are the best places to do that. 

That's why the blog is here, for those people who know the band know that we are hard working, caring and determined to write something that grabs peoples attentions, from all walks of life. We choose Metal because it's the sound that excited us growing up but we're older now and we should be able to appreciate the other side of music too, we chose the extremes of both ends and are happily writing Acoustic versions of our Heavy Songs from the Mind Dimension E.P. 

Well the craziest thing happened on Sunday last week the BBC played our soft side, it was a feeling in the moment of 'Dad would be proud', I was happy, the people around me were happy but I couldn't help thinking that it should be the Heavier stuff being played more often on Kerrang! radio or something, we've put hours and hours into making those songs the heaviest and coolest they cool be, whereas the Acoustic stuff, maybe 5 hours to do from scratch with barely any thought in comparison . It's meant to be some sort of experiment yes, into peoples minds and dimensions, how they perceive good music to be in many ways, but for me it will be the heavy stuff that counts, a lot of people don't realise the vocals I do are from the heart, really pushed hard and trained to be that way, not perfect but emotional, i'm not much of a singer in my mind and perfect pitch is never going to happen ever, in fact I never really had a passion for singing at all until I tried it and this bellow just happened!

Do people want that perfect vocal or polished sound really, so much perfection in the world that you can't tell what's real anymore to the point where all music is at the top shelf of tech and tuning that it becomes the same but in variations. That's how it's starting to sound for me with these bands that sound perfect, attitude wins for me, yes there has to be some standard obviously, or does there (Nirvana being the critical height of does there) ?


I miss the days of being able to listen to John Peel and not know what was coming next through the diversity he shuffled in his play lists, there will never be another DJ like that in our lifetime, why because we demand perfect now as a society. Again i'm going to criticise my own last statement which i often do through not understanding myself.


Anyway i'm very grateful to have the open mind for music enough to be able to write something a bit floydy and for it to reach the airwaves is great don't get me wrong on that one and we'll post it too but there is also a side that I hope people will listen and enjoy it but also venture over to hear what else we're doing and be please with doing so too, fingers crossed for the Metal side too eh!


I still have 3 songs to finish for the Acoustic E.P., a big part of me wants that done for a chillout session at home, here's to getting that done and thanks for reading if you have!









Booking the Tour


Posted by Hedra Fri, January 13, 2017 01:23:07

We're making some huge changes in the band with the writing of the Album, we decided it'd be good for us to get a Tour together to allow us to concentrate in between on the recordings so the Team at our Label 'The Snakes on Fire Records' have been tasked to arrange a Tour.


It's been years since I last did a long haul of 10 days, maybe i'm looking at it with Rose tinted glasses but I remember these being really great times, there were always downers such as members in the band not having their creature comforts, one band I remember we had to get to a festival because we woke up late and the drummer said 'well I can't play until I get a shower and a fryup, we were late, I remember Sikth (because I name drop you know) were on the Bill and Pale-horse, Charger and lots of bands and there just was no way we could miss it so he got the hump about it all day. 


I'm much older now but I never once complained back in those days, I even slept in the footwells of a van sort of huddling around the gear Stick because there was no other place to sleep at the time.


I also remember the kindness of people from some venues particularly Ireland where people would let us crash on their floor for the night, i'm kinda hoping that will happen again if we don't get a sleeper bus.


Although the plan is to get 4 bands together on one Bus I feel pretty certain that isn't going to happen for a non 'earning' band such as ours, maybe if we worked a bit harder we could justify this somehow.


Being away from home is a different adventure and it's always unlikely to go smoothly, must have played quite a few shows even back then to nobody showing up and even those shows were advertised in Kerrang! or wherever, i'm hoping that Social Media reaches a few more people than it appears to with our music, we rely totally on those people because we can't travel everywhere all the time.


I think it goes without saying that our music is pointing to those that are really into the dedicated Metal Scene as there is much aggression in this E.P. 


We want to make the Album different as a progression really, we know we can do the Heavy Stuff and there will be that in there but I also love the melody and ambience that bands such as Tesseract display so in a kind of melding process we feel it's important to carry on experimenting as far forward as we can and have opted for an extreme at both ends, many bands are doing this too we know that but hopefully we mean really extreme from end to end still delivering a message, there's no point in music without a message for me, it's just shake shake your booty otherwise or some other pointless effort t o match vibrations. 


Oh and I met Howard from KSE that guy really inspired me in thinking 'wow metal can be nice too', I think i'm driven by that and the stuff Devin Townsend Produces, see now if Devin did a SYL crossed with the latest stuff I think he'd reach more Metallers than he does now, they're still crying out for the SYL return but I can see why he moved away from that. Anyway, this Album will be different and our next will probably be Different again but we'll never ever try to be like the current trends or even replicate the older ones, we will always show tribute somewhere with a riff perhaps but it's so important to have our music where hopefully nobody can identify or link it to compare with another band. As individuals we might sound like someone but we mean overall the picture should be a new one for people to enjoy.


Fingers crossed we make that happen!





Making the Video


Posted by Hedra Fri, January 06, 2017 17:52:51

We had a great time the day after boxing day for 2 days we went in to a warehouse kindly loaned to us from premiere paper group (or maybe they didn't know).

Our Drummer Tomas wrote the script for what he would like the video to be like.


Day one we arrived to assess the situation and how we were going to arrange the whole thing, we decided to set up out gear in the first isle as it was the widest and opposite the roller shutter which would be needed for the scene. We didn't want it to be too bright for filming so we worked out how we were going to use lighting which meant using the forklift to light through the bays and various other lights around the place to give effect.


The end wall needed to look as though we were playing a gig but also needed to look like a place for torturing 'record label boss' after we discover that his event proposal costing us £1000000 was just a scam and we needed revenge on him in the script. 


We needed makeup and fake blood and Gina was there on the 2nd dayto help with that, it was very cold and she spent most of the time perched over a small heater leaving us with some odd burning smells from her standing over it too long! 


We set up the banner on the back wall using bin bags, pallets and a black sheet from the van to fill in the gaps, we needed to make the amps look large and powerful to give effect so we stacked those up and added out Pa to the backline. 


After we'd done that there wasn't mush left to do on the first day, we had the idea of using posters to display the meeting with the label boss but everywhere was closed so we decided on using a projector, the one that was there was very old and had only vga input so next day we brought that in too to help us.


Next day we arrived late, zoran was already there with the Team and unfortunately Kamil overslept (or did he really have a flat tyre again!) so we waited for him to arrive and set up, there were lots of helping hands on board but no milk or beer so went out to get that sorted also, we did several takes of the song Lost I am Hate, a few different Cameras from each of us but Kamils was the best for the main capture.The punching scenes and blood application was the most fun with a few laughs along the way but we'll add those as an extras feature at some point.


All in all it was a great experience and we are very proud of Tomas for seeing this video right through to the end, some satisfaction there I think!


Thanks to everyone involved and you for watching too!

Tomas' original script:


Band is coming to office where business man (promoter) will wait for them to do a deal that band is going to be on tour with some famous bands (to be discussed) for lots of money which band will have in bag for promoter. He will show them designed poster with Hedra name on it including famous bands names and band will give him money in bag and then leave office. Then business man (promoter) will call someone saying (that these idiots Hedra band won’t play anywhere but he has their money for it so it’s his another success) Another scene will be as band members will see the poster somewhere without Hedra band on it and will be angry. Another scene is business man (promoter) will be in car and receive a call with offer for another black job and he gets address to the Warehouse. He will go inside to half open shutter doors.It will be dark light there and shutter doors will close behind him.There will be absolutely dark. He will take out his phone with torch on it and put it in front of him where will be Zoran stand in front of him starting playing first riff.(camera on this scene will be from promoter point of view.So horror scene) As the music started there will be some nice shooting angles on band whilst promoter will be scared and will be backing from band as he is scared. But behind him from oposite side of band members will be Jim (singer) and he starts singing first lines of lyrics.So promoter will be in the middle of band and Jim and will not knowwhat to do. There will be few more angles as music goes on band.When in curtain point will come hit to promoter head by guitar’s body and quick blackout of promoter. Next scene will be as band playing together including Jim and promoter willl have beatened face and will be tight up with silver tape or ropes and will be in the middle of band as they play and some footage of promoter being scared. End of the video will be Van from back with opened doors and promoter will be carried or throughed to back of van in black plastic bag and last beats of song will be as van doors







Posted by Hedra Mon, December 12, 2016 23:02:04

11/12/16 Devilment, She Must Burn & Hedra


It was a Sunday, myself (Jim) and Zoran had already been out yesterday at Brixton Academy to see Bullet for my Valentine & Killswitch, we had a great time but my hangover and the fact that i'd had the worst throat and Lung infection ever this week already had me worried over what would occur later. I set off in the van at 3.30pm to pick up the guys after i'd gargled salt water and had a large coffee. 


We reached Tomas' house to find he was very disappointed, his family were meant to be flying over to see him play in Norwich and for them the first time watching him play. Sadly the plane was delayed for them for 1 week and they could not be here, I could see the sadness and disappointment in his eyes for that one, all I could say to him was 'I should hope they will be compensated from the airline', i'm not very sympathetic towards family as mine live here and are not really the types to visit my achievements in music. 


We carried on regardless loading the equipment, the heater in the van is fucked so i'd spent the Journey trying to heat it for Barbara Tomas' Partner as she's a few months pregnant now, however, everyone left the doors open whilst Kamil desperately tried to find room for his Guitar as space was now tight for some reason by the time we got to his.


The Journey was almost silent as I was saving my voice, but we got there 30 minutes early regardless.


We found out we had to load in upstairs, we found a lift which is a nice change for us, we used that to our full advantage even if we weren't carrying anything.


We walked into the main room of the Venue where Devilment were already sound checking, it was sounding great but there was squealing from the monitors and you could see the frustration in Danny Filths face, there was also a few mutterings of discontent, so we continued to set up, I pointed Zoran over to do that whilst I helped Tomas to assemble his Drums, we discovered there was actually no room for the kit onstage but we could use the kit on the stage but not to move it, this is usual for us for having the Digital kit, we moved a few items and wedged it into a corner, it looked like shit and this also meant there was no room to pin up our Banner yet again, we still to this day have never used it due to complications of stage sizes or the fact that we often go on first.


I dream of the day where we can use our stuff as I imagine, however we set up in approximately 12 minutes, the Sound guy seemed to be impressed with this so that was good. We had a few minutes (6 actually) to get someone to look after the Merch of which we had to change our Price to match the other bands Prices on the gig. 


Then it was time to get on Stage, we waited by the stage for the song to finish, Bo (bass) couldn't be arsed to make a special entrance due to the small space and was up there like a rat up a drain pipe, I found this funny as we were still waiting by the stage for the music and lights to go down he was up there playing away without a care in the world. 


Eventually it started to fade (about 2.5minutes waiting watching Bo) and we quickly shuffled Tomas through the piss tight space he had to get through to his kit.


the intro started, I always feel that's too long so I started talking shit over the top of it, we're 'Hello Norwich, let me hear some noise'...erm probably too early for that as I think I heard someone fart over the intro in response. 


I was not happy at the fact that i'd been clumsy so early on so I went on to point out that we're also from Norwich and again 'let's hear some noise' it went a bit better this time. We kicked off with the guitars ,a slight stumble at the start but I was only thinking 'are any words going to come out of my throat' Bo mentioned my voice sounding like a tractor as we were unloading earlier, i'd lost my voice so bad that first thing in the morning all i could do is whisper. 


Thankfully my voice didn't let me down on the shouting parts as we powered through 'Warchild' well, until the 'clean' parts of my singing, suddenly it was like a demon took over from my mind to my throat and it just chose whichever key it fancied, it was awful, i've never had this in 20 years of singing, i've never been so embarrassed, but there was action in the crowd, they seemed to be enjoying it, I wasn't sure at first but as the song finished there was that relief of people cheering and clapping.


From that point on I switched off, the music turned into a wall off noise, like I was standing behind a plastic sheet just focussing on making the people watching my people, I want people to see it's a thing, it's not just a noise it's an entity for me ,a blood type that only us special metalers seem to have. 


For a moment i saw a guy doing that bent double hair circle thing that looks really cool and I just thought, that's it I need to jump in there but I didn't, i'm too old and my mic lead is too short.


I spotted a few friends in the crowd, I can't help but look at those people for comfort btu I tried to look everywhere also, it's important to see who is watching you and show them that you need them there, 'come forward I can't see you at the back' I said again, there's no way around being cheese when you're my age, I love all that 'let me see those hands' that Ozzy does!


It wasn't in my opinion one of my best gigs from a personal point of projection but it was from viewing the crowd ,they were so nice to us after, coming up to us and fist pumps, hi fives and just generally complimentary to us and I felt some sense of connection to the world again.


We sold a bit of Merch, we even got a rider, the first one for me since 2003 I think, She Must Burn were very chatty and generous with their time for us. 


Due to packing up we didn't get to see much of their set but we watched Devilment and got some photos that we've put on Facebook.


We are very grateful to Devilment for helping the underground bands

Regardless as to how this blog comes out (I always sound a bit leaning towards the negative) we did have a great time and would happily do this every day of our lives if there were the opportunity to do so, we're patient and understanding that we need to work for it, doesn't come easy for the unknown but we'd rather do this our way with dedication and our own style :)


Love to you all and hope you have a great Christmas, we'll see you next Year yes??







E.P. News


Posted by Hedra Thu, November 03, 2016 13:57:26

Hi everyone,


It's been a while, some of you know we went into the studio back in August to record our E.p. in a live environment, we were not happy with doing our music at home as it was all sounding over polished and missed the raw energy that we create in a live situation. It was a great experience for all of us, we all did a very good job of it. Danny at HVR was very pleasant to work with. We finished the mastering last month, however, more problems arose when listening on home systems we realised that perhaps the mix wasn't right so we've now sent it off for a second master in Europe. We are hoping that mix comes back with the sound we want, this is not saying that we weren't happy with what we had but we need to know that we are going to produce the best we can!


In the meantime incase you haven't seen it here's what the E.p. will look like

Thanks for reading!



Frustration Over


Posted by Hedra Sun, September 11, 2016 01:37:08

We've finished the E.p. at long last, it was very entertaining, we've put some of the recording on our videos page. Everyone did a great Job, it was recorded how it was intended with a live approach, one take mostly with the drums and bass needing very little fixing, very impressive. The Vocals were very hard to do as there were many takes and (Jim) I was struggling towards the end but managed to get it done, I could have been better on it if I had more time but you know i'm glad it came out the way it did it's raw and full of effort so full you can actually hear the pain in the whole thing. 


Onwards and upwards we have some gigs lined up and the name is spreading well!!



Recording Update


Posted by Hedra Fri, July 15, 2016 19:14:07

Still fucking around with the recordings, i'm 100 percent certain this would have been better done in a good studio, saying that this does sound raw and 'homegrown' perhaps nobody in the world wants that, i've calculated we've spent 192 hours on it roughly. I think we could've gotten the Def Leppard album from it by now but that's the problem with not knowing what you're doing. The only thing that concerns me now is that people will be expecting something more than it actually is, would you believe that one song is only 2 minutes long yet i've done 100 mixes of that one!


keep moving forward!


How's it going?


Posted by Hedra Wed, June 29, 2016 18:35:22

It's a crazy crazy band i've been involved with (jim) life is as busy as ever, you'd think after 2 years we'd have a cd out wouldn't you?


Well we nearly had it done twice now, we have had all the issues in the world, not being together on a daily basis really takes it's toll on us. We've got each band member taking holidays which seems to be one month after each other, there's a lot to do with the music although it is getting there i worry it's not going to sound like we've put that much effort in,but we have, lots and lots of hours, i mean if you were going to expect a Def Leppard style production that's not going to happen. I hope it gets finished soon!





Musicians Trip


Posted by Hedra Fri, April 08, 2016 21:49:37

On the 25th of March it was an absolute pleasure to have spent the night with Textures band on their Tour with Amorphis, we hooked up with our friend Clare in Nottingham and made it a night to remember!


We were also graced with the presence of Daniel Tompkins of Tesseract (pick top left), we spent a good hour setting the world to rights and taking about the music world. Textures are now meeting the world of adventure, something they've been trying for for over 10 years, they're finally doing it to full capacity, me and Daniel have done the Uk circuit together, good times, probably not (i've done it loads more than he has anyway). Music is a struggle, it takes 120% when it used to be 100! Mentally every musician should be thinking 'if i want to do this then every hour in between working is music. It saddens me that successful musicians still feel the need to complain, Slayer being one, Kiss being another, jeesus christ, go mop up some shit from a hospital floor from 6 am and then go play a gig & then you have a right to moan!









New Band Mates new venture


Posted by Hedra Sat, January 02, 2016 21:50:44

It's 2016 thank god, we had a terrible year, we lost 2 guys pretty much down to a feeling of self worth they didn't feel they were adequate for the band, in other words felt they were possibly too good for it who knows!


on the plus side maybe as a gift from heaven, again who knows, we did manage to find much better replacements, not just in style but in attitude, we welcome Tomas & Kacper with open arms for saving us from collapse. Just at the point of split we were asked to appear on Terrorizer which we did in this Issue (below) to which the drummer that left Kooba decided we needed to pay him for the recording he had done on it. Hedra is a collective of the members within it, we don't make any money, we probably never will so good riddance to that type of person who is only in it for themselves. I've had to deal with that crap all my working life both outside of music and normal Jobs but i wish them both all the best in some sad way. Life can be cruel but anyway, moving on we're practicing hard to get things up to speed and our first gig back on the circuit will be a different one..a Circus, not with monkeys but you know Jim Rose type stuff, fetish, burlesque, stalls and acts that kinda thing, that's the plan we'll see if we can pull it all off even if it's the only gig we do this Year!



Those that keep sharing our page etc, thanks & you know I personally remember it, do your best to encourage others in supporting music, believe it or not it's burning out!


Metal should last forever, it's up to you innit!

issue number 265 (see previous post about the last time i was in this!


Eternally gratefully Thanks & spanks


Band Stuff


Posted by Hedra Sun, October 11, 2015 14:36:01

We started our first rehearsal for the Acoustic Sessions, we're hoping to play these live aswell as finishing the E.p. to support it. It's all taking a long time, we all have to work & there's not much time, various issues prevent us from working as quickly as other bands. it's a shame, i'd love to be able to do more more often!





New Driver


Posted by Hedra Fri, September 18, 2015 22:26:22

I sometimes wonder whether anyone reads this stuff, more to the point whether there's any point in writing this stuff but I will, we were approached recently by terrorizer Magazine to appear on their Fear Candy Cd, something like that hasn't happened to me for a while, I was last asked to appear in terrorizer number 95 in my old band Subvert. The difference these days is you have links to provide and someone should be reviewing your cd, we don't have it ready yet so we've decided to release one song as an exclusive track, yes it'll be redone later but this seemed like a cool way to reach people outside of our home town, I remember getting a tonne of gigs on the back of this release so fingers crossed things haven't changed so much now. I've spoken to other bands that have said 'waste of time' but maybe that's because their music isn't what the Targeted magazine readers want to hear I don't know. Anyway here's hoping that something comes of this one! Jim



Cryptic Writings!


Posted by Hedra Thu, September 17, 2015 01:24:11

Still I am waiting for more pictures to accommodate the written script for the concept E.P., some things are up in the air at the moment, our drummer has gone awol for no reason at all, we didn't upset him he's just disappeared after recently moving to Cambridge and seems to show no interest in rehearsals despite his promise to the band, we all hope he is ok. Some people have issues in life they can't even tell their closest friends, i've always felt that i'm that good listener that every disturbed person needs. There was some mention that said drummer needs to be paid, we all do don't we, but not for the music, that's a bonus but to expect it is crazy, I can only hope i've got those feelings wrong and it's just a case of desperation!


Looking at the below email I felt certain we were 100% strong, everyone seemed so excited about the band, why now would someone shatter what I believe in, quite frankly i feel cheated by what has happened, there are some darker elements I can't talk about but overall things don't need to go one individuals way in a band it's all or nothing, I don't want to have to look for another drummer when one we love might just have a small issue that could be resolved, trouble is the guy has gone awol!!!



Anyway have a read of the concept stuff and let me know what you think eh?





Lowestoft Gig


Posted by Hedra Fri, September 11, 2015 00:44:20

Lowestoft Band Competition was a great success, not because of the event itself, mainly because we were organised and happy, travelling in the van we were issued some alchohol free lager which made amusing photos, we didn't win the competition, we were shocked because we had been practicing very hard for it to be the best we could, Zoran the new Guitarist is working out well and we received some great feedback. Along the way we discussed that we want to give the best recording that we can and despite our efforts the E.P. is moving very slowly, we talked about who we'd have and I personally really want to work with Russ Russell, because he has a different way of thinking, he uses mics that shouldn't work and has created his own legacy as a result. Anyway back to the Lowestoft gig, I felt the need to Blog this one!


It's always hard to understand Competitions and how they work because every band has to believe in what they're doing , my belief is that the Judges vote on what best suits their aquired taste in music which however you try to hide it is what tends to happen. As much as I enjoyed all the bands & I stayed and observed every single one of them and noticed some talent amongst them I would possibly sound egotistical by saying that those bands that won were in no league to compete with what we are trying to do, we want to sound different, no typical Metal style!


Hedra are no new genre but one that's against the grain of the current 'Metalcore' formats or the Historic sounds of Grunge for that matter, both winning bands had those obvious qualities. 


I am not saying that's a bad thing, you only have to watch music on corporate music channels to see how music is being sterilised to a uniform style of popularity, it has always been that way.


Those that break the mould, however, they are the one's that get noticed & blowing my own ego i've already been there & done that once to some degree!

The Secret to success is always through a positive approach to music, something I struggle with is kick backs such as this!!


We had a similar situation according to the promoters of the local Metal to the Masses event we also got to the Semi finals for and lost, our friends won it in the end and I was totally happy for them too but we were told when it was too late that we were going to go through to the final but we didn't due to a misread Facebook comment posted by myself, can someone judge the fate of the band based on Facebook?


I will never understand that & both of these events destroyed my faith in the Competition Factor that I have always been dubious about anyway. 


That shit aside we had a great time and met some great new people who loved us and gave us once again those 'you've got this in the bag for sure' words of kindness. We do look forward to just being a band and playing everywhere we can and achieving what we can by doing it the right way, playing live to real people, once we get you behind us we can conquer the world, we have nothing left to lose, we sacrificed everything we have for this moment and always will, we are staying stronger and longer than you might think we will!