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Temp Kieron - Bass


Norwich & Norfolk Noise mongers Hedra were formed in 2014 by Guitarist Kamil Korsak, to create a different style of Metal music, with a pure aspiration to bring it to the stage, with desire find a unique following that is into groove, power and an honest live feel.

Influences of Slipknot, Will haven, Korn and Pantera can be heard in their Song structuring, the idea is not to plaigerise but to create something the merges all genres & simply sticking to the original tag of 'Heavy Metal', this gives the band freedom to reign and evolve in whichever way they choose.

With Seven strings on the Guitars tuned to low end G# Jim uses vocals in a falsetto agressive style to counter act the thudding Guitar weilded chunks thrown at the audience with groove based chops and occassional technical licks.

All 5 Members write together in a Studio weekly and bring together textures of each song & stress the importance of melody, with some clean parts, with deep and meaningful lyrics based on a story about a man finding love in a mental asylum, the story starts here.

(see story)

Hedra have already toured the UK and played gigs with Devilment, Def Con One, Ramage Inc, Valous, Cadence Noir, Obzidian, Impavidus, Ward XVI, Witch Tripper, Isarnos, Deathflux, Vice, Fury, Twisted Illusion, Scaretactics, Koncept, Quiet The Thief, Dethonator, Sequence of Leaves, She Must Burn, Earth Ship, Agonyst,Synapse, Deities, One Machine, Kill The Freak, Fleisch, Callous Calligula and many more up and coming UK Bands.

Hedras first E.P. is now available on Digipak Cd in HMV, Amazon aswell as most digital download sites.


The Band endevour to bring Raw Heavy music back with this being their first Mini Album in Digipack Format promising a brutal crush of technical aggression mixed with brutal hard-core stomps and mellower bridges. Mind Dimension is a 5 song story about one man’s journey through depression into finding peace.

The Mini Album was recorded with a live vibe intended at HVR Studios in Ipswich by Danny B of ‘Criminal’ and ‘Anhilhated’ fame and features songs of variety and style in both vocal and song structures.

Vocalist Jim creates a powerful overlaying noise throughout that could possibly be one of the more unique vocal styles in metal, the low end Guitars blast through to compliment the high end vocal grit, and thumping Bass and Roland Drums complete this outfit of integrity.

Expect total annihilation of your sound system!


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